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Friday, April 8, 2011

DEBT-FREE TIP #6 - The Job Search and The Power to Get Wealth

Be well prepared for any job search and know how to sell your skills.

These posts focus on providing some information on job search - particularly for students, veterans and those with disabilities.  Feel free to share the information,

Whether we settle for the traditional jobs that are less risky, or venture into the entrepreneurial field
hoping for faster growth in our finances, the goal of making money is the same.  We offer skills, products and services that would have value in the eyes of others.  In either case the market does decide what will sell and what does not sell.   In  a competitive environment, knowledge of how to influence the market comes in handy.  We can separate ourselves from the crowd by the method we use sell ourselves in a resume, or sell a product or service. 

The key, however, is to be well prepared.  Remember that we help ourselves best when we help others to achieve their own goals. Our power to get wealth lies in our ability to produce debt free wealth for others.

Search this blog for job search opportunities for students, individual with disabilities and veterans in particular.
There are job search tips.

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Job Search for Summer Jobs
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  1. Awesome blog, powerful information. Creating wealth and helping others is an honorable idea.

  2. hi there! i happen to see this blog through linkreferral and i should thank you for giving tips. i also want to share my online earning journey reason why I also created a blog like this. :-)

    thanks again. keep it up!